VRApp Features

Enhancing your experience with modern communication features for Android and iOS

Private. Serverless Communication

VRApp servers have no user communications data.

Unlike other providers, VRApp does not create intentional flaws in its cryptosystem to bypass encryption. VRApp encrypted messaging app uses leading-edge cryptography to protect messages and calls between sender and receiver. Here privacy is taken to another level. Communication history is never stored on any servers. The fully encrypted messaging app leaves no traces on the Internet whatsoever.

HD Voice and Video Calls

Where Internet speed is irrelevant

Never worry about crowded Wi-Fi or slow internet. VRApp keeps you securely connected in public spaces, caf├ęs, airports or poor or noisy network environments and automatically adapts to your Internet connection to always provide you with high quality video chat/voice chat. VRApp has achieved a new revolutionary state: where Internet speed is irrelevant. HD video calling is possible in any network: from 2G/EDGE to noisy Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.

Lowest Data Usage Messenger

Consuming 6x time less DATA

Designed to work with slow and crowded network connections, VRApp consumes the least mobile data. This modern messaging feature makes voice and video calls for up to 7 minutes consuming only 1MB of bandwidth.